by WillEYEspeak

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Another in our jam series, Willie Oliver mostly keyboard, bass, vocals; Tom ferguson, electric & bass guitar, vocals. Willie's photo for the cover art, a tiny detail of Stone Mountain sunrise, the shadow, naturally, pointing west. Some of the cuts are jams around Tom's songs, lyrics included in those cases. They are quite different in the jam context so anyone curious can go to to hear "straighter" versions.

Calling the collection noEND is part of that jamming... what we might think to come up with during a jam, well, when it comes to a title, same method, come up with one. The unconscious, one could argue, has a coherence all its own.


released September 11, 2016



all rights reserved


WillEYEspeak Atlanta, Georgia

Willie (WillEYE) Oliver & Tom Ferguson have been jammin weekly for awhile... doing covers so Willie can sing, doin my songs so I can & Willie can drum or play harmonica, inserting jams in between verse or as stand alone, experimental stuff, Willie often on keyboard for those. Straighter versions of my songs can be listened to free at ... more

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Track Name: Groansome
I want nothin more than nothin mama I can't tell you why
I got nothin more to tell you mama remember wondering by
your place in the mornin underneath a winter sky

the wind was blowin and I thought I might be on my way through
through the winter wind I heard mama a voice cryin fool
you ain't got no further farther there ain't nothin new

my whiskers froze in the weather mama my eyes closed dead tight
fell into the snow bank mama thinkin things seem right
drifted off to sleep forever mama for an endless night
Track Name: Carbean
train goin down the river somethin went around the bend
someone in the road sayin hey you're gettin old
don't procastinate don't proliferate
shiny face in the mirror smilin face there's somethin mighty strange
dawnin in the north
that's a sign of change not a sign of rain

I don't want to be a work incentive and I ain't about to own a slave
all that I can see exactly what I need
that's what I demand take it if I can
fishin out the window visions clear up to the sun
such apparent notions are indicative of one
giant sign of change not a sign of rain

melody astride a blue banana peel the bacon from a strip of tease
everywhere there are assistants to the czar
watchin for the syntax hopin for a grimace
underneath the green tree where the grass grows dark
snoozin in the deep and innocent unsullied part
that's a sign of change not a sign of rain
Track Name: Saint Joeshifiend
military might is a mighty sorry sight food food not bombs
battleships sit irreligious grip food food not bombs
nuclear subs stealin our grub food food not bombs
food food not bombs

artillery shells straight outta hell food food not bombs
hand grenades ruinin your day food food not bombs
automatic guns blockin out the sun food food not bombs
food food not bombs

bloody bayonets makin me upset food food not bombs
carpet-bombin planes mass graves food food not bombs
pentagon pain makin me insane food food not bombs
food food not bombs

food food not drones food food not torture food food not pollution
food food not injustice food food not fascism food food not oligarchy
food food not death food food not bombs food food not bombs